Les Amoureux de Verdun
Immersive show

Les Amoureux de Verdun

Come into the harrowing world of the First World War, for an intense experience alongside the soldiers!
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For families
May offend the sensibilities of young audiences
1 twice awarded

Venture into Puy du Fou’s century-old forest and journey through the centuries to arrive right in the middle of the First World War. Meet heroic soldiers through the love-letters of a soldier and his fiancée. You will be taken back in time to a real trench in the depths of winter 1916. Christmas Eve: smoke fills the tunnels, the ground shakes with each new explosion and the sirens wail... Everything seems lost, but this 24th December, the soldiers are still unaware that they are about to experience a Christmas they will never forget!

An intensely thrilling and moving show

An impressive immersive experience, descending into the depths of a First World War trench. In a heavy and dark atmosphere, you’ll be living alongside the soldiers: queuing up for soup, waiting for letters from home, the buzzing communications post and the urgency of the medical bay. Between the caterpillar tracks on a tank and the propeller blades of a crashed plane, you’ll continue to the very heart of this spectacular world, following the moving tale of our two characters: Louis, a soldier and Thérèse, his worried fiancée. Fortunately, the two sides agree to a Christmas truce, giving the soldiers a well-deserved break.

A unique immersion into a very realistic world.

The “Les Amoureux de Verdun” show will present to you the story of two characters, based on true facts, and readings of around 120 authentic letters from soldiers to their families. This immersive show takes place on an area of over 1800 m², offering visitors the chance to take a tour of the horrors of Verdun, at their own pace, in direct contact with the actors.

Best Show in the World 2015

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