Les Noces de Feu
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Les Noces de Feu

In 2022, come and witness the most romantic of weddings, and wonder at the spectacular memories projected onto the lake, as soon as it gets dark!
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For families
30 minutes

Every evening, when the sun goes down, the soft melodies resonate over the lake and bring to life the memories of the most romantic of weddings. After their encounter in the “Les Orgues de Feu” show, the Violinist muse and Virtuoso pianist are once again coming together to celebrate their eternal love through the magic of water and fire. You can attend this fantastic wedding where dancers and giant sets will rise from the depths of the lake, appearing like a mirage, and come to life to make the young bride and groom’s dream come true and give them an unforgettable celebration.

A breath-taking show

The “Les Noces de Feu” show combines the perfect balance of water and fire, the intimate and the majestic, the underwater and the aerial, the delicate nature of the electroluminescent costumes and the immensity of the decor rising from the depths of the lake. This nocturnal phantasmagoria, all set to music, offers a poetic journey to the heart of the romantic 19th century. All the music is performed and arranged by the famous virtuoso sisters, Camille and Julie Bertollet. You’ll discover the passionate love story between the Violinist muse and the Pianist, with a musical dialogue that will plunge you into a magical evening!

A few figures about this show

To create this night-time dream, 30 actors and underwater stuntmen perform on a 7000 m² stage. Huge underwater sets and 80 electroluminescent costumes bring to life the romantic and magical world of this show. Each show lasts around 30 minutes, and is performed in front of 7,000 spectators.

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