La pérouse
Immersive show

Le Mystère de La Pérouse

Come on a real adventure with us on this epic round the world trip with famous explorer “Monsieur de La Perouse”!
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For families
May offend the sensibilities of young audiences
2 twice awarded

Become explorers for a day and take to the high seas for a legendary scientific expedition, under the command of King Louis XVI! In 1785, board one of the ships of explorer La Pérouse. Leave the port of Brest and set sail to brave the unknown waters. On board the ship, take part in the great discoveries, from Cape Horn to Alaska, all the way to Vanikoro… and endure the most challenging of storms! You will experience, from within, the odyssey of an expedition from which there was no return: the mysterious voyage of La Pérouse!

A legendary expedition with a tragic ending

In entering the depths of the vessel, you’ll uncover all its secrets and dive into the life and environment of La Pérouse’s onboard sailors and scientists. You’ll take to the seas with them, to sail the unknown oceans and explore the cabins inside the vessel, observe the botanical and animal discoveries of the experts onboard with you. Through the ports, you'll catch a glimpse of Cape Horn, feel the ice cold of Alaska and finally, you’ll arrive in Vanikoro, the final stop of your journey. You’ll feel the storm coming, be present when the vessel sinks, and will experience the tragic end to this one-way expedition, from within.

Technology to really experience the high seas as if you were there

To recreate the atmosphere of the seas, the teams at Puy du Fou have created some one-of-a-kind effects thanks to cutting-edge technology. Huge machinery recreates the movements of the vessel and the most realistic of weather conditions. 3D video mapping and more than 170 audio recordings are added to the experience, to create a highly realistic environment, that will plunge visitors into a total immersion.

Best show in Europe 2018
Best show of the year 2018

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